Working on a pattern design


Working on a pattern design

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i fucking hate the internet it is the most toxic piece of shit to ever happen in my life. it is a constant distraction, escape from feeling real feelings, and it spreads fucking bullshit all over my world. when i was in high school it was the only way i could connect to people i wanted to be around because i was never allowed to leave the house. now it serves no purpose. i like staying connected to people from far away and learning new things but that’s pretty much it. THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE. I GRASP THE IRONY OF THIS POST.

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hahahahhaaahhahaaa no but for real this time tumblr whow cool life i hate you hahhahaha can’t believe some things are real unfollowing everyone when will this shit ever end why do ilokk at htis hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaa

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I am Feeling Quite Good and Things are Quite Well

I am Feeling Quite Good and Things are Quite Well

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we livin’. #donuts #shows #friends #performances #dreams #boxes #noses #pigs #hair

we livin’. #donuts #shows #friends #performances #dreams #boxes #noses #pigs #hair

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#noses #donuts #hair #boxes #pigs #performances #friends #dreams #shows 


do i belong? do i belong? do i belong?

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Me and Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! had a hilarious time in a friend’s photo studio last weekend.

Edit: a few people have asked what these are for. Nothing at all. I had to shoot a real portrait in a friends photo studio of Laura and they had all these weird setups for senior portraits. Mission accomplished.

this is great

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seems like it would be very sad to feel defined to others and to yourself by the things you hate/are against instead of the things you like/enjoy/love.

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also just a couple of things. how the fuck is it ok to just assume that people are not survivors? wtf? and how about what if there are things going on behind the scenes that you have no idea about? i never post angry responses to things i see on here but FUCK IT ALL

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so sad today.

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Circle Change, by Delay 

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hangin at the park w/ my ladies @anandabartley @emily_jimmi 😘✌️🌻

hangin at the park w/ my ladies @anandabartley @emily_jimmi 😘✌️🌻

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frankie cosmos day 6:

now that i know that every time i get sad you just hate me

you can go to sleep and sleep it off peacefully

i’ll be here all night feeling totally fucked

wondering what tomorrow will be like and staying up

i guess i just make myself the victim like you said

that’s why when you treat me shitty YOU get mad

it all makes sense now, thanks so much

goodbye forever what the fuck

Meow so real I love you and I’m sorry

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i’d rather be in the bathroom 
with a national geographic 
than talk to anyone 

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